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Summer Fire Hazards

The garage is the go-to place for so many different things. Storage, easy working space, tools and materials all in […]

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home maintenance flood spot fill-in


Alright, enough with the puns.. 🙂 In all seriousness, May is a great month to take advantage of minor home […]

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memphis flooding

Memphis Flooding

This recent downpour has got Memphis nearly under water! Homes that aren’t typically considered to be in a risk area […]

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Talk Shoppe Videos

As promised, here are a couple short videos discussing what types of water damage claims are typically accepted by the […]

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raindrops on window at night

Talk Shoppe

We have some exciting news! A couple of our employees were asked to be on a panel with Johnny Norris, (All […]

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frozen pipe

Prevent Frozen Pipes

It’s not often that Memphis reaches freezing temperatures, but when it does, severe water damage can occur, creating very costly […]

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Holiday Decorating Safety

Holiday lights are beautiful and incredible ways to show your enthusiasm for the holiday season approaching! However, so many homeowners […]

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