Air Duct Cleaning


commercial air duct

Often overlooked, air ducts are a major part of our lives each day! The air you breathe inside almost every home or building is flowing through air ducts. The dirt and dust accumulated in air ducts after time can affect the quality of air that you’re breathing, potentially causing major health hazards to those in the vicinity. If you live in Memphis, air duct cleaning seems even more necessary due to the excessive pollen and allergens that collect here in the Spring!

AAA Service Company is a Memphis air duct cleaning company that offers air duct cleaning for both residential homes and commercial buildings. We’re equipped with the tools to handle the job, no matter the size of the facility. We use the Rotobrush ® cleaning method that is approved by the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association).

Cleaning your air ducts every two to five years can potentially:

  • Reduce levels of dust mites
  • Reduce dust, dander, chemicals, and other contaminants
  • Save 24% to 40% on heating and cooling energy
  • Increase indoor air quality

Call AAA Service Company today to schedule your Memphis air duct cleaning services! We’ll work with your schedule to provide you with the most convenient service times.